Gender Is The Equivalent Of Fish Talking About Water Essay

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Definitions have been created and every individual creates their own definition either from experience, culture, or being taught. There may be some definitions that are necessary to be defined and collaborated its meaning, along with history and content. Just as Judith Lorber quoted, “Talking about gender got most people is the equivalent of fish talking about water.” This quote demonstrates the importance of the gender topic. Seems to be basic or understandable which is misunderstood. As are several other topics not discussed from kindergarten up to senior year of high school. Women’s study is present in undergraduate settings and creates this open discussion of personal experiences, authors’ definitions, and movements that have affected several rights that are not given respectful representation. Enrolling in Women’s study has created an environment of understand more of the abstract and thinking more not allowing the norm be accepted. Before taking Women’s Study I understood gender being, “...body building up whether male or female or feminine or masculine. Not necessarily just about the body parts.” This definition has evolved and bloomed to a more understood concept. The same is reflected from the definition of sexuality I quoted in my first class assignment, “…person’s preference or attraction. Whether towards male or female or any other identity.” These are concrete definitions I understood, but reading articles of several perspectives allowed me to think through the

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