Gender Issues Associated With Age, Gender, Ethnicity Essay

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This essay looks at different contemporary issues associated with age, gender, ethnicity in the working environment; which will particularly incorporate a discussion of gender relations, stereotyping and sources of inequality. The purpose of this essay is to fundamentally consider how organisational culture, norms of work, stereotypes and son on may impact on the opportunities people have. I am going to focus on the inequalities and who does what sort of work in the general workforce and more particularly, on women 's roles. The given tv programmes are Shortland Street, Dr Ken and Age discrimination from channel 4 (Diane Parsley). I will critically be observing and state my reflection on these videos based on inequality in a workplace and who does what kind of job in the workplace. In respect to inequality, one may wonder “What is inequality?” Inequality in organizations as deliberate inconsistency between individuals with leadership position who control over resources, goals and outcomes. They are additionally in charge of decision making such as organizing work opportunities, promotion and rewards, security in employment and benefits; pay; respect; and pleasures in work and work relations (Acker, 2006). It is an unreasonable situation caused by some members in a workplace having more rights or preferable opportunities more than others. It is also often related to: Class, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, race/or heteronormativity. Gender, as socially constructed differences
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