Gender Issues In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” –Atticus Finch. People everywhere, no matter what country you are from, are prejudiced but it is the matter of denying it that they are one. People usually confuse it with bias, stereotypes and bigotry. People with different cultures and living in different nations possess negative view and attitudes towards people within their borders or close to them. People say, “where there is a will, there’s a way.” People may think that it is just a saying to encourage and push the young ones to work and try harder but not really. If you have the will to succeed, you will succeed. But to those people who did not make it, it is their fault because they did not try…show more content…
All they do is stay home and make babies while the rest of us have to work and pay taxes to support them.” One of the reason why there is a differential treatment or double standard of welfare provision is our gender system. Generally, women should be primarily at home and men should be at work. Then they find themselves in position of dependency. And whether some bad things happen could be a death, divorce or unwanted pregnancy, they are more inclined to apply for welfare programs due to dependency and not able to provide for themselves. They are left uneducated and living in poverty. Although some made efforts to improve their financial situations, the way that our economic structure was built prevents women from breaking the cycle of dependency. If they do have work, some jobs do not pay female and male equally and do not pay women enough to keep her family above the poverty level (Gender wage inequality) The male dominated production system punishes women economically for doing so by awarding them lower wages in the workplaces. (Camoy, 28) How does it make sense for a single mother who was dependent before from her husband to work 40-80 hours a week on minimum wage, pay for daycare, spend little or no time with her children and barely making enough to feed her family? Of course, these women are going to chose the option to apply for welfare assistance. So why do individuals accept federal…show more content…
The cultural focuses on the culture of poverty theory in which those people are confined by their culture and environment will demonstrate antisocial and counterproductive behavior. (Bane, 78) The expectancy focuses on the person’s control over certain happenings and his or her desired outcome. Lastly, the rational focuses that the person will look at his or her choices and available options, evaluate them according to their preferences and then decide whether which is the best and beneficial option. Rational choice models emphasize the decisions people make about whether to get welfare. (Bane 69) It is obvious whether the single mother is going to accept aide from the government as opposed to relying to her own paycheck. Many women would rather live off of federal aid or welfare as opposed to support themselves through work. By this choice, they can still spend time with her children and less stress for
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