Gender Issues in Aeschylus Trilogy

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Sibghat Ullah Professor Qayyum Bhatti Research Methodology 6 January 2013 Gender Issues In Aeschylus Trilogy ABSTRACT Throughout human history gender issues have remained a common and important topic of debate.Gender conflict has played very crucial role in the history and destiny of mankind.This essay analyzes the conflicting issues between genders in Aeschylus trilogy Orestia i-e man woman relationship,women status,their efforts for identity and patriarchical system in Greece,gods and goddeses,conflict between husband and wife,clash of male and female values,rivalry between male and female deities,misunderstanding between sexes and gender roles. Keywords : Gender, issues, conflicts. INTRODUCTION…show more content…
In the second play of trilogy, Libation Bearers, the hero Orestes is in conflict with his mother Clytaemnestra.She tries to escape death and puts sad face on her(Oresteia 2.275-276). He wants to kill her because she has killed his father Agamemnon and she had an illicit relation with Aegisthus,the cousin of her husband Agamemnon.He himself is confused whether to murder his mother or not.Apollo asks him
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