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Gender Issues in Legally Blonde In many ways today's society, even though women have come a long way, we still live in a patriarchal world. There are many examples of this in everyday life, whether it be that there aren't very many women CEO's or the mere fact that we've yet to have a woman president. No matter where you live, there is the presence of a male dominated world. It especially extends into the working fields. There are professions that are categorically 'women's' jobs like nursing, school teacher, or secretarial jobs. The rest of the professional world is mainly male dominated, i.e. engineering, CEO's of major companies, and Law Firms. Which brings us to the movie I picked to watch, Legally Blonde. In the movie…show more content…
This is where Warner tells Elle he?s going to Harvard law to start his career and she wasn?t in his future plans. In turn Elle get depressed locks herself in her room for about a week then gets the revelation that she would just attend Harvard Law also. When Elle goes to her parents they don?t really support her, they fall into the gender stereotype that girls should do girly jobs, like fashion which was Elle?s major, be pretty get married and so forth. They don?t believe she should have to go out into the world and be smart. She studies hard to pass the LSAT?s and she sends in her video application to Harvard. This video Elle is mainly in a Bikini, and being very ?girly?, Harvard mainly accepts her application because they need to diversify their accepted applicants. Once at Harvard Elle goes to class unprepared and is excused from the class. Afterwards is when she meets Warner?s new girlfriend and fiancé Vivian who is also the reason Elle had to leave class. This is where the battle between Vivian and Elle .After the meeting Elle does a typical girl thing and goes and gets her nails done. She returns to school has another run-in with Vivian who invited her to a party, telling her it?s a costume party and it obviously wasn?t. As ?typical girl? Elle shows up to the party as a playboy bunny. There is nothing more gender specific then a playboy bunny. For comfort she turns to Warner but instead all Elle got a rude
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