Essay about Gender Issues in Religion

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Gender Issues in Religion

Amongst the world religions are many different attitudes towards gender issues and sexuality. A hundred years ago, or even a lot less, these different perspectives did not exist, as they were often considered unimportant, as King noted 'until recently little attention has been paid to gender differences and their impact on religious teaching and practice.'[1] With some religions, their scriptures are considered to be infallible and therefore not to be questioned. So the question itself 'are religions sexist' is a fairly new one. Some religions are thought of as being more sexist than others, but then there are also religions that that do not share the shame ideas
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Women are still not allowed to be priests, despite the fact that there are many examples in the Bible of Jesus telling people through parables and other means that everyone is equal. Some Catholics just accept the fact that women cannot be priests in the Catholic Church, as this is the Pope's orders and he is infallible. Nobody seems to dispute that the Pope must be male, firstly because 'Pope' means father and maybe because they know that the idea of a woman becoming Pope is just too unlikely. However there are Catholics that exist who believe in the authority of the Pope but, 'are convinced that the Pope and his advisors in Romeare making a serious mistake by dismissing women as priests.'[3] This website details the reasons for women not being accepted for ordination, but also reasons why this is wrong. Evidence is given that there were a few heretical sects in existence that allowed women to be priests, as well as passages written by various saints that do not condemn the idea of female ordination. It does not seem that the Vatican are going to change their minds on this subject anytime soon, so this is a valid example of a religion maintaining a sexist attitude even when there is opposition.

Fortunately, not all of the Christian denominations have taken this stance. The Anglican Church has proved that they take the idea of equality seriously, as in 1992 The

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