Gender Leadership and Equality

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Gender Leadership and equality Introduction to Research There are different aspects of gender equality that effect leadership roles. My research focuses on the trends, relationships, and theories that effect men and women acquiring leadership roles in organizations. Gender equality is an ongoing focus of equality in the work forces of society. The issues of gender bias and gender stereotypes have been advances since the decades of 50s and 60s. Women in society are becoming more independent and successful. Fortunately, this has inspired many women to step forward and take that challenge of leadership. Most of the issues in gender equality differ in certain environments in society. Some places in the Middle East genders are suppressed due to religion or culture. Both religion and culture can play a major role with gender leadership. In many Native American tribes, the women had a major say in the fate of the tribe and had a right seat to the council and leader of the tribe. Even today there are several reservations that currently have females as the Chairperson or Head Leader of their tribe or have had female leaders in the past. Many cities across the nation have female mayors as well as female senators and governors. Some argue that our next president of the United States will be a female or should be a female. Many environmental factors measure the affect leadership roles. Certain communities welcome gender equality and have leadership roles that are
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