Gender, Living Arrangement And Income

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The participants were all asked a series of demographic questions; age, race, gender, living arrangement and income. When the participants were asked age the results showed that nearly all of the participants were in the 18-24 range at 95% of the sample then leaving 5% between 25-30, the study also had the exhaustive bracket of 30 or older but no participants identified in this category. Race, my results revealed that ¾ or 75% of individuals identified as White, while 15% identified as other and 10% identified as Black. I also had a category for Asian, but the study had no participants within the sample. Gender, found that 70% of participants identified with being female while, only 30% male. Participants were given income brackets to choose from which results revealed that large majority of participants were of an income range of 0- $14,999 at 80% and the other 20% were of an income of 25,000-50,000. Last demographic question on the questionnaire was living arrangement, out of the 20 participants 19 of the individuals were Single, and 1 noted that they had a partner, neither married or other were chosen. The only result that confirms a portion of my research hypothesis is that the study had an elevated amount of female participants, that was more women volunteer than men, using the idea that’s one must volunteer to participate in research. The participants were asked overall happiness, of the 20 participants, 16 or 80% noted that they were somewhat happy, 10% or 2
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