Gender, Masculinity, And Gender Roles

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This is a movie where all the main characters are women. It is about strong women who should, based on other films, develop in a typically "feminine" problematic environment, but is instead, viewed from the perspective of women themselves. They are not observed from outside in, but from the inside out. At the same time, Danzon reverses and thus subverts the classic representations of gender, while relocating and challenging gender roles. Unlike the common representation of women in former Mexican cinema, femininity is not defined as being an opposition to masculinity in the film. In fact, men almost rarely appear. When they do appear, they appear as constructed discourse, female imagination, or as feminized subjects. The traditional excessive narrative and visual that usually characterizes a melodrama that manifests through the body of the woman is not the case in Danzon. In Danzon, is it the body of transvestite Susi that is decorated and fetishized; it is the body of Reuben, the young lover of Julia, which appears as an object of desire; and it is not sexual desire of the mysterious figure of Carmelo to Julia that serves as reason to the narrative. Furthermore, Julia occupies and develops the role of seductress, conqueror, and possessor of desire; images that are otherwise a traditional cinematographic male role. Another central element that violates the traditional forms of representation is not only the fact that the female figures replace male and their roles, but the
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