Gender, Masculinity, And Masculinity

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This paper is devoted to the research of masculinity, in particular, to the way men lead conversations, putting major focus on gossiping. For a long time they suggested that gossiping refers exceptionally to females, but the research proves that men gossips much more frequently than women, taking a great pleasure from this process.
Masculine Gossips
Conversations have always played a role of indicator of masculinity and femininity, especially when they talk about gossiping. Indeed, for a long period of time they were deeply convinced that gossips have no relevance with masculinity and with the image of a real man, claiming that gossips are associated exceptionally with women and their style of leading conversations. However, modern researches prove that men tend to gossip even more frequently than women. What is more, men are more concerned with gossiping, practicing gossiping every day with their male friends and colleagues, as well as with the opposite sex. The main task of this investigation would focus on studding male tendencies of gossiping; proving that today a stereotype that women gossip more than men can be regarded as obsolete one. Perhaps men and masculinity have referred for a long time to serious and meaningful conversations about businesses, success and politics, however today men take pleasure from chatting about others and this is not a myth.
Background Section
A vision of masculinity in our culture has been formulated for a long time and…
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