Gender, Masculinity, And The Hegemonic View Of Masculinity

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“Masc for masc” (masculine looking for masculine) and “straight acting” (not being seen as a stereotype and being able to be excepted by heterosexual men) are terms used by Gay men to classify the type of man they are looking for in a partner; actively rejecting and devaluing femininity and upholding the hegemonic view of masculinity. Therefor I am researching the “how do gay and straight Latinos construct their masculinity?” Straight men deem anything feminine as less than, thus gay men are ousted. This ousting of gay men is a byproduct of heterosexism in which a men only date women and vice versa, thus gay men are seen as effeminate for the sole reason of dating other men. In an attempt to reclaim their lost masculinity gay men are rejecting effeminate men in an attempt to be seen as “one of the good gays”. The traits of reclaiming what gay Latinos feel is lost is strongly tied to femiphobia, internalized homophobia, and toxic masculinity. Gay men want to be seen as “normal” and “just one of the guys” at the cost of their fellow gay men’s humanity and manhood. They want to be seen as the “good gay” which I define as a gay man that wants to be removed from the stereotype and behaves and present as “straight” I want to investigate how gay Latinos specifically construct their masculinity and if they are contracting it based on their straight counterparts. It is important to distinguish how important masculinity is to Latin men specifically gay Latinos and see if a
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