Gender Masculinity : The Brony Fandom

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The Brony fandom exposes some gaps that traditional understandings of masculinity cannot take into account. Connell and Messerschmidt establish through hegemonic masculinity the development of hierarchy within the constructs of gender formations. Their framework provides the negotiations regarding the desirable masculine traits for a given society, thereby creating representations of a dominant gender construct. However, it is not the sole creator of masculine identity. “The concept of hegemonic masculinity is not intended as a catchall nor as a prime cause; it is a means of grasping a certain dynamic within the social process.” Those attributes associated with traditional forms of masculinity only become powerful through negotiation and positioning against other forms of masculinity through context, but how can hegemonic masculinity rationalize masculine identities that do not place similar emphasis on those attributes? Concordant masculinity follows the dynamic nature of localized masculinities by condoning gender taboos when they would be previously condemned. Connell and Messerschmidt suggest accommodation, “made it possible for certain heterosexual men to appropriate ‘bits and pieces’ of gay men’s styles and practices and construct a new hybrid configuration of gender practice. Such an appropriation blurs gender difference but does not undermine patriarchy.” However, concordant masculinity is subverting patriarchy in its own way by embracing everyone and building a

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