Gender Nonconforming Members Awareness In Health Care

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The health-care practices describe the belief of the organization that is important to deliver health care to a diverse community. The health care promotion and wellness, such diabetes and hypertension clinic class are offered to high risks patients to provide education and awareness of disease. In addition, mammogram, pap smear test, and colorectal screening are some of the organization practices for early illness detection. The health care providers and the staff, initiates the above care through referrals, appointments and reminders sent to patients via email, letters and telephone calls. The mandatory flu vaccine to all employees is an annual health care services that the organization is providing. However, varied belief and opinion of the employees regarding the flu vaccines are respected by the organization.…show more content…
The provision of the surgical procedures is provided with in the hospital, is a one of the practices in the organization that is unique. The organization introduce the health care staff with the diversity of the community, the public, and the members of the organization. The approaches of the health care system include providing relevant training on cultural competence, gender awareness and cross-cultural issues to health professionals and creating policies that reduce barriers and conflicts to patient care. The organization emphasize the importance of treating the transgender with dignity and respects. In addition, the hospital restrooms are provided and available for all
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