Gender Nonconformity

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There is a few information in the reading that I found interesting and valuable to me personally. I found the information on oppression related to sexual orientation and gender nonconformity relevant to me personally. I have an uncle who was always known as a ‘homosexual;’ but today, he is part of a different type of the LGBT community (transgender). This week’s reading helped me understand sexual diversity and further identify the world in which he exists.

1) The issues surrounding LGBTs is appalling. Homosexuality was once label as a specific mental illness. Engaging in a relationship with someone of the same gender was considered “deviant” – a sin, criminal behavior, uncleanliness and mental illness (Nelson & Prilleltensky, 2010). Labeling others for gender nonconformity is what started discrimination, oppression, and marginalization. As a community psychologist, recognizing diversity and seek
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Again, for years I grew up thinking homosexually is wrong. Therefore, did my beliefs make me homophobic? I prefer being in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender. When I went shopping with a friend whose sisters with a homosexual, she saw me disgusted at the same sex couple making out. My friend immediate pointed out that I was homophobic. But in actually, I am disgusted by the public display of affection, but not the same-sex, which I clearly pointed out. I learned that “‘homophobia’ focuses on individual-level thoughts, actions, and behaviors of the homophobic person and does not recognize the societal level oppression that LGB people face” (Nelson & Prilleltensky, 2010). I understand her frustration. Individuals who are homophobia or heterosexism view a same-sex public display of affection completely different to their counterparts. If the scenario involved a man and a woman, it would be seen as completely normal. Unfortunately, the world fails to lack diversity in the world of desire and love for a
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