Gender Norm In Catcalling Men

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The gender norm that I violated was catcalling men. Personally, I have experienced men catcalling me whether I am at the mall, walking down the street, or simply minding my own business. Every encounter, my experience was very uncomfortable. I chose to violate this gender norm, because I wanted men to see how it feels when women attempt to catcall on them. On Tuesday, August 29, 2017 a group of my classmates from the Intro to Women Studies course catcalled students at Morehouse College. From 3 pm to around 4 pm, we walked around their campus and sat down on Brown Street. We made sure that we went at a good time when classes were letting out. This was my first time ever doing anything like this before. My first emotion I call out men by their physical appearance was weird and uncomfortable. I could not find myself trying to call someone out due to their physical appearance and being obnoxious. It was very hard for me to even attempt. After about 3 or 4 tries, it got easier but a constant thought in my head was how did men do this on a day-to-day basis. At first, the responses I received were surprisingly positive. One example is that one Morehouse student actually tried to take my number down after I catcalled him. This was not the case for everyone though. After I catcalled students, I wanted to hear there initial reactions. After about 9 to 12 students walking past, some actually walked away from me and looked at me like I was dumb. Some were caught off guard and others
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