Gender Norms And Enforcing Gender Stereotypes On Society

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The issue of gender norms and enforcing gender stereotypes on society, especially young people and children, is an important problem that must be combatted. This issue causes many problems in children as they are pressured to stick to the "status quo" and do what others define as the right way of living. Although there are many aspects of society that contribute to this problem, such as sexism, bullying, and peer pressure against all genders, specifically, the harmful stereotypes that are upheld in today 's society and how they affect young people is a great problem (boundless). There is an extreme difference in how society views and treats children based on their gender and it can be difficult for a boy who likes to play with dolls or a girl who enjoys racing cars to find a way to enjoy these things without facing opposition from other children or even their parents or siblings (boundless). While girls are encouraged to play with things associated with femininity, dolls, kitchens and play dress-up games, boys are pushed into items associated with masculinity, race cars, sports and games that glorify war (the Atlantic). Many adults attempt to affect the way that children think or act by raising them according to their beliefs and refusing to allow them to explore other options (boundless). This is commonplace, especially in societies where stereotypes are rigidly upheld, as in some Arab countries. It can be extremely harmful for girls and boys to try to break free of these…
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