Gender Norms Within The Middle Of Men

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Over time woman have been demoralized by men in standards of society. Woman are held back from certain things that men are allowed to participate in. Tradition has always been for women to follow in the footsteps of men. Educationally and economically woman are held back. Equality is a word with an ever-changing definition. Society plays a major role in the submission and degradation of women. The demoralization of women was so severe they believed the only capabilities they had were making babies and playing home maker. Even though that was a woman’s only worth in society, there were a few brave souls who set out to change that. Gender norms set expectations for behaviors, but penalized those that do not conform to those norms (Gender…show more content…
Laws were put into place for everyone and made no exception for the woman and “…has compelled her to submit to laws, in the formation of which she had no right” (Stanton 273). The oppression of women is a common tradition still used in today’s society. Marriage in most cases seems like an ideal or hope for every relationship but in Stanton’s time wedlock was equivalent to legal slavery. There was no way for a women to accomplish much once she was married, “… he has made her, if married, in the eye of the law, civilly dead” (Stanton 273). Moral logic at the time was at an all-time low because everything happening in society was against everything that occurred in nature. The sense of false equality was high. There should have been no reason women had to conform to any law if none of them were made to their benefit. Stanton used The Declaration of Independence as a direct reflection of her work. The government is supposed to ensure the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all. The government did just that except for women, women were denied every inevitable right because society deemed it acceptable. It seems men wanted to control women with everything possible because they knew women would still be able to strive without them. Women did not agree to the mistreatment and unfair society they lived in. The evident truth about this mistreatment of women was covered by fabricated “…opinion(s) hot as lava, discolored as
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