Gender Norms Within The Middle Of Men

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Over time woman have been demoralized by men in standards of society. Woman are held back from certain things that men are allowed to participate in. Tradition has always been for women to follow in the footsteps of men. Educationally and economically woman are held back. Equality is a word with an ever-changing definition. Society plays a major role in the submission and degradation of women. The demoralization of women was so severe they believed the only capabilities they had were making babies and playing home maker. Even though that was a woman’s only worth in society, there were a few brave souls who set out to change that. Gender norms set expectations for behaviors, but penalized those that do not conform to those norms (Gender Roles and Differences). Tradition being seen as a bad thing is a reoccurring statement, yet it is so impossible for traditions to be broken to better society, regardless if it is a man or a woman. The subordination of the woman continued far longer than it should have. A woman should have been treated like a queen and a civilized being in society yet she was being disabled by the very men that should have lifted her up. Women were treated like second class citizens, and were punished or shunned for speaking out about their mistreatment. There was discrimination for all except for the European male. A woman went from the control of her father to the control of her husband. If one wanted to do the “single thing” she would be heavily…
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