Gender Orientation And Sexual Orientation Essay

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Gender and sexual orientation is a topic that has been and still today is not talked about in such a way it should be because of how society has chosen to structure and control it. Social stratification is a system in which groups of people are divided up into layers according to their relative privileges (power, property, and prestige). It’s a way of ranking large groups of people into a hierarchy according to their relative privileges (Vela-McConnell 2016). People, who deviate from the norm of the “accepted” gender and sexual orientation that society has placed upon us, are stratified below the norm of a dominating binary gender and sexual orientation. People who are queer face the struggle of mistreatment and an unaccepting society that has been socialized to see and act on gender and sexual orientation to being a dualistic system.
Each person in society experiences their gender and sexual orientation differently, as well as experiencing other people’s gender and sexual orientation. Redefining Realness tells the story and journey, of a trans woman, who ventures through life to finding her inner self. This biography not only delves into a personal story, but also bits and pieces of experiences people of the trans community may have in common in their own personal journeys.
Private troubles play a role in reflecting the struggles those who don’t fall under the categories of society’s binary system of gender and sexual orientation face, which reflect larger public issues.
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