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Special Needs and Inclusive Education Program in Uganda This essay urges that the state is a relatively stronger player in delivering public policy in contemporary governance. This essay will discuss this with reference to the implementation of the Special Needs Education and Inclusive Education (SNE/IE) program in Uganda. The Special Needs Education (SNE) program in Uganda was introduced in the 1950’s by the Colonial Government for provision of ‘special education’ services to children who had visual, hearing, learning and motor impairments (CSBAG, 2013, p.15 see Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group). The author indicates that, with the introduction of the Universal Primary Education (UPE) Policy in 1997, Inclusive Education (IE) as…show more content…
These organizations play a crucial role in providing related services such as education, health, income generation; community mobilization and sensitization; poverty alleviation and suffering among people with disabilities among others. More to that, are international donors (development partners) such as Department for International Development (DFID), Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) who provide financial support to the SNE/IE program, infrastructure development and institutional strengthening through capacity building among others. The Government of Uganda, has been at the forefront in implementation of the SNE/IE program as discussed below; Strengthened Institutional and policy framework The government has proved stronger especially in strengthening the institutional and policy framework guiding the implementation of SNE/IE program in Uganda. Effective control of procedures and practices may be achieved when governments put in place regulations that compel other stakeholders, stipulate powers and responsibilities of other actors and specify the circumstances that potential actors must meet before they can qualify to join the collaborative structure (Agranoff et al, 2013, p.366). For example, the Government of Uganda has succeeded in formulating, designing and implementing all-embracing and elaborate policy frameworks for understanding of the right to Education for people
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