Gender Pay Gap Essay

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Gender Pay Gap Across the World
“I think every female knows it, and they all know it is happening, but nobody wants to say anything[...]”(Koerner) , says Rwvvffvafg-fdadd89s[p9s8ps8ssowan Blanchard, an actress, as she explains her thoughts on the global effects of the gender pay gap on singers. Seeing that Rowan still knows the aspects of worldly issues at such a young age deepens the severity of this wage gap. This gap is how women in many countries are experiencing unequal pay in their workforce. Although this disparity has been occurring globally, the gap has decreased since the 1980’s but nothing has completely ended the inequality around the world.
Women, on average, have earned less than men in every occupation in countries with this pay gap. A group known as the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report has begun giving countries scores, indicating how much each country has worked towards closing it’s gender pay gap. A score of 1 shows full equality, while anything higher indicates little to no growth towards closing the pay gap. Although some countries have wider gaps, France is known to be the second worst country in the world for the pay gap. Although many people may disagree due to France’s positive perception of gender equality, research has proven that occupational pay between males and females in France is not equivalent at all. To put people’s positive beliefs about France’s pay gap to rest, Edsor explains that “France scored 17th best in the world for

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