Gender Pay Gap

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The United States likes to express that everybody has equal rights. However, in America, there are many problems with discrimination. Whether it is through race, gender, religion or other issues. One of these discrimination issues between gender is the pay gap in America. The gender pay gap between a man and a woman has been looked upon and studied many times. This issue may have been studied, however, it is still not fixed. There have been many efforts to fix the gap and there is proven improvement off of these efforts. However, there is still a lot of action that the United States can take to close it completely. In recent decades, there has been more and more women joining the workforce. The employment gap has changed significantly. In the 1950’s, after World War II, there was around 30% women in the work force. Whereas in 2015, the gap was decreased significantly with around 45% of the workforce was women (Toossi and Morisi 4). There are different reasons for this change in gender workforce gap. One of the main reasons for women making up more of the workforce was the economic growth after World War II. In addition, with the new demand for labor, during this time, the baby boomers grew up. With the demand in jobs and the youthful people wanting to work, more women were let into the workforce than before. The amount of women that joined the workforce had a steady growth from 1950 until about 2000. In 1950 it was measured that about 34% of women participated in the

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