Gender Pay Gap Is A Myth

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According to Steve Tobak, a former executive and consultant for Fox Business, the gender pay gap is a myth. Tobak claims that once you look past the headlines, politicians, and feminists it will be clear that the wage gap is not the result of coercion, dislike, or discrimination but simply a matter of women’s choices. Instead, he attributes the astounding difference in pay to personal choices such as college careers, high paying jobs, and having children. He also argues that in higher-paid occupations, women tend to make the same if not more than their male counterparts. Tobak would like to make it known that women tend to choose occupations that are not dangerous, uncomfortable, or involve physical labor, and that those factors are enough to justify that personal choices are the only factor that cause the “pay gap”. However, Tobak does not have an explanation for occupations that are dangerous and require the same amount of specialization, training, and education. His only answer to this is that more women in law and medicine tend to choose careers that are less challenging and time consuming. Yet, Mr. Tobak claims that it is not the institutions that create this pay gap, but that women themselves are to blame for their salaries. The legal sector in the United States is changing along with many other industries. The law profession itself has become more separated from the “mega” law firms and the small locally owned ones; partnerships have become much more
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