Gender Pay Gap

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By Thomas J. Billitteri Introduction
Former Goodyear manager Lilly Ledbetter won more than $3 million in a pay-discrimination suit against the tire firm, but the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the verdict in 2007 for filing her complaint too
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Bush administration. The wrangle over wages is playing out not just in Washington but in cities and towns across America. In the biggest sex-discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history, a group of female Wal-Mart employees has charged the retail giant with bias in pay and promotions. The case could affect perhaps 1.6 million women employees of Wal-Mart and result in billions of dollars in back pay and damages.The enormously complex gender-pay debate encompasses economics, demographics, law, social justice, culture, history and sometimes raw emotion. Few dispute that a wage gap exists between men and women. In 2006 full-time female workers earned 81 percent of men 's weekly earnings, according to the latest U.S. Labor Department data, with the wage gap broader for older workers and narrower for younger ones. Separate U.S. Census Bureau data put the gap at about 77 percent of men 's median full-time, year-round earnings. The fundamental issues are why the gap exists, how much of it stems from discrimination and what should be done about it.Some contend the disparity can largely be explained by occupational differences between women and men, variations in work experience, number of hours worked each year and other such things.June O 'Neill, an economics professor at the City University of New York 's Baruch College and

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