Gender Pay Is Unfair

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The gender pay gap (GPG) is when there is a difference in the amount of money paid to men and women, even though both genders could have the same job. Mostly women are the ones who are paid less compared to an average man’s paid wage, even if the genders had the same job it would it wouldn't change the fact that women are paid less than men. Women have always been discriminated because they are looked at as the weaker gender that have more needs, or that it’s always been decided that men get more rights than women since the old days. It’s been quite a problem since women of course find it unfair since both genders should have equal rights at their jobs where they work in the same manner. The gender pay gap is completely unfair due to the fact that women are doing the same job as men, and have needs such as a maternity leave, and…show more content…
The women still gets paid while on her leave but the pay wage is still less than the men's pay wage. “It is estimated that for every child a woman has, she suffers a five percent wage penalty” stated the National Organization of Women. They take percentages of money from women and not men because they do not expect the men to take an absence from work to take care their children when they could leave it to the women who gave birth to the child.
The gender pay gap has always been a problem since the 1970s, maybe even before that but it’s been unequal between men and women for far too long. The gender pay gap has shrunk throughout the years though women still aren't treated as equals, still we’re pretty close to women becoming just as equivalent as men with just making their pay the same when working the same job. “During the 1980s a striking thing happened: the “raw” pay gap shrunk rapidly, and it has continued to shrink to this day, although the pace of change slowed in the 1990s” stated by Francine D. Blau and Lawrence M.
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