Gender Pay Research Paper

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Men and women are said to be equal, but in what world is having such a drastic difference in pay, an equal trait. In today’s society, people’s genders should not affect their pay, but rather by how hard they work. In professional sports, the media, and even in daily lives, it is often seen that males are paid a substantial amount more, solely based on the fact that they are male. For the same job, and for the same amount of work, it should be required that women and men are paid the same amount of money, yet also be treated with the same respect; this means that there should be a change in they way that people are viewed solely based on their gender. It is evident in today’s society, even though people would like to ignore the issue, there is a gap between the pay of men and women. To start, throughout the world, “the gender pay gap stands at 23 per cent…show more content…
One way to do this is to empower women to be confident when negotiating salary. Evelyn Murphy has her ideas for how to resolve this issue. She wants to ¨stir up individual women to take their wages seriously: to motivate them to confront their bosses, demand pay raises, and re-evaluate their worth. Murphy is chief executive officer of a nonprofit organization called The WAGE [Women Are Getting Even] Project, Inc¨ (qtd. In Kessler-Harris p3). This organization promises to help use the power of women to minimize the gap. Even though all these organizations for empowering women are wonderful, they will only help so much. What will really help solve the problem is changing the mindsets of not just women, but also men. Men have to be able to realize that women are equal, not inferior. This way, if a man and a woman have the same experience and job, that the employer should pay them the same amount, and disregard their gender. Additional laws to help regulate the pay between genders would also help the cause. In brief, things need to change to close the wage
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