Gender Polarization In Media And Family

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Gender Analysis of Work, Media and Family In society, people seem to be focused that there are only two gender types which are males and females. When a person thinks about females and males they think about opposites, females are perceived as fragile and males are seen tough. In an occupation, gender roles are applied when delegating tasks and in restaurants that require women to be sexually presented. Moreover, media is frequently influenced by the same social roles that it is seen at work. As media continues to present these social norms to the viewers the audience seems to continue with these expectations in life. In the domestic side, society youths are given specific toys based on their sexuality and are raised different from each other depending on their gender. To be able to get rid of gender socialization, the community needs to recognize that there is gender polarization at work, gender norms taking place in media and in a family environment social expectation are being situated. Gender Polarization at Work Gender polarization is a common concept that happens daily at work even though many people aren’t aware that it is taking effect in their occupation. Women aren’t delegated some task because of their gender and same with men. When a manager or someone in a higher position work they might not realize but sometimes the task that is being given can be gender biased. According to a study, women are seen incapable of doing jobs that require strength (Tinklin et al.,
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