Gender Politics In Look Back In Anger By John Osborne

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In this essay there will be multiple points looked at, we will view the concept of gender politics, what this entails and how this affects people, we will also look at the change of gender politics throughout the contemporary years and how this has changed certain movements. Looking at gender politics can move swiftly into gender politics within the theatre, how the hierarchy of theatres are still heavily male influenced and the ways this can be stopped, sexism within the theatre and surrounding partnerships will also be included. This will also include the way gender is portrayed within theatre, film and books, within this there are certain stereotypes and cliché’s that are at the frontal point for majority of material that is seen on the main stages. The case study that will be used to aid this argument is Look Back in Anger by John Osborne. Within the play we will look at how the character fall into the gender stereo types or how they break the cultural normalities by showing a difference to the characters that does not follow the traditional system, we will also be looking at how, if it is broken, they use this to portray a message about the gender politics in the era. Gender politics has been used as a term for around only sixty years, originally coined by John Money to study the roles of men and women. The main focus within gender politics is the issue with gender equality, this has recently been found to be a common problem within most western cultures, whilst

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