Gender Portrayal Of Gender Stereotypes

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Gender Stereotype is a Generalisation made towards a specific gender. Gender steriotypes in theatre are generally wrong and are over exadurated to help portray a story and the ideas of the author or director to the audience. But sometimes they have positive connotations and help tell another sub text story about the character. Much ado about nothing one of Shakespeare best works thought to be writed around 1598. It is a comedic play flowing the stories of 2 lovers that end up in all kinds of trouble. This play has some very obvious gender stereotypes and is a good topic to base my research on. The characters in the play are heavily stereotyped by time and era that the play was written obviously the culture of the time heavily influences what the character behave like and how they are seen by the audience. We have to remember this play was written in 1598 and cultures and ideas of men and women are very different to todays pre conceptions of men and women in todays culture. The main ideas of this research are based on the characters Hero and Beatrice two cousins in the play they have conflicting interests and are opposite gender stereotypes. Hero is the stereotype of the submissive not aggressive woman who will do as her husband says. Beatrice is the opposite where she will stand up to her male counterparts and will tell us her thoughts on a topic in the play. The idea of a woman speaking her part in a play was very rare in the time and this is what made much ado about
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