Gender Portrayal Of The Media

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Gender Portrayal in Media Media; “The main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively” Oxford dictionary. In recent years a rising issue of media gender portrayal has been massively looked at from a sociological perspective. Everything and every picture has been depicted in this primarily visual age. There’s a giant number of visual information going through our conscious and subconscious daily at a fast pace. A lot of different point of views and perspectives is arguing whether we are living in a manipulative world where media is sending specific messages to stereotype gender to the youth or this is just a reflection of the socializing process the society wants to have. Of course…show more content…
The last one creates a state of domination by focusing on the elites and the dominant ideologies, subsequently neglecting the subordinate groups (Durham, Kellner 2006: XV)” Malgorzata Wolska. While from other perspectives It’s essential to keep the society functioning. From the view of the Functionalist perspective, There are Three main point of views. One is that Mass media creates specific culture, thus it serves a purpose for society. Second is that gender portrayal in Media “create a division of labor, or as a social system in which a particular segment of the population is clearly responsible for certain acts of labor and another segment is clearly responsible for other labor acts” Some see it completely acceptable from the functionalist perspective to emphasize gender roles as long as it doesn’t force one to be somebody they aren’t. Which is what Anti-Media stereotypes activists say that this preusser is happening on both genders. Because a lot of children are being exposed to such mass media since early age. Third, advertising in mass media keeps the economy healthy. Without efficient advertising, the economy would drop. This links directly to the Conflict theory which proposes that big and wealthy individuals who are in charge of these corporations are benefiting from the profit they are making through these Ads, television programmes, magazines, popular music, film, and video games. Thus they maintain their level
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