Gender, Race, And Ethnicity And Power Essay

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Society is complex and diverse. In such a diverse society, individuals may have different life experiences to one another. While some individuals have positive viewpoints in the society, others may differ in an negative aspect. In this socio-autobiography, I argue that the society is an nightmare as humans develop a whole range of complex sociological concepts. The following paragraphs will explain the struggle of my life experiences being influenced by using the concepts of gender, race and ethnicity and power. My journey began the moment I entered the world on May 25, 1996. I was born and raised in a small developed country called New Zealand. At birth, my biological sex was quickly determine as I was category as a baby girl. My parents, both immigrant from Hong Kong, China in the 1980’s. As a result, I automatically associates with an East Asian background which is dissimilar from the Western culture in New Zealand. I grew up as the youngest member in the family, among with one older sibling. The concept of gender has a strong social impact on me. When I was born, I was immediately assigned to a biological sex as a female with two X chromosomes. I was then socially classified as a girl in the society with feminine gender roles. Gender is defined as a social principle which attribute to the roles and expectations of males and females through the years of different societies (Phillips, 2005). Gender can be considered as behavioural, cultural and psychological traits

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