Gender, Racial, Violence, And Other Forms Of Discrimination

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Eric Vasquez
Mrs. Fishman
English 11CP
8 May 2015
English Multigenre
Charlotte Bunch once said “Sexual, racial, gender, violence, and other forms of discrimination and violence in a culture cannot be eliminated without changing culture.” Our society experiences all of these problems and I would like to focus on the gender perspective in the 21st century and how women have had more of an influence in music than people actually realize. Men have dominated the music industry and business but women have been the underlying reason as for why men and other females have been so successful in the music scene. One of the first great jazz musicians ever to live was Louis Armstrong, known for his singing, trumpet playing, and his creation of improvisation. Armstrong started playing at age 13 and ten years later married Lil Hardin who made a name for herself as a South Side song plugger and a jazz pianist before she met Armstrong. Harden was a very influential figure for Armstrong’s role in changing the way jazz way played. She “persuaded Satchmo to break away from the second-trumpet chair in Joe ‘King’ Oliver 's Creole Jazz Band; she was the one who encouraged him to move to New York and try his luck in Fletcher Henderson 's band; she was the one who cajoled him-a year later-into heading back to Chicago where, at long last, a star was born” (Reich). Hardin allowed Armstrong to come out of his comfort zone and pushed him to into new experiences which allowed “Satchmo” to discover
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