Gender Representation Of Sex Education

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Imagine a place where women and men operate the equivalent job functions yet they are paid inequitably. Such a place exists. In fact, there is a world in which female value lies in her youth, beauty, sexuality, image, and her subservience to men. That place is no other than the “land of opportunity,” the United States of America. It is a place where feminism is a mocked and misogyny is praised. In an effort to create a society that is just and parallel, women should receive equal pay as men and work in politics at the same rate as men. The media should be required to portray more encouraging images of females. Education of male-on- female violence should start in early childhood right alongside the curriculum of sex education. Perhaps the…show more content…
It should be of great importance because these same children, potential victim or abuser, will one day become adults with responsibilities. Social construct is partially responsible for the way sexual abuse is defined and acknowledged. Although sexual assault must not be considered infinitesimal, the idea of people being uniform about the subject, is understandable considering the history. “The shameful fact is, forced sexual contact without consent-from inappropriate touching to sodomy to rape-has been with us throughout history, and wasn’t even widely acknowledged as a crime in the United States until women in the 1970s began to speak out” (17 Feuereisen). The next generation of women and girls need to feel as though they are safe and that their gender is not a hindrance to their success and joy. The protection of girls is a benefit to a community as a whole as awareness deters violence. To ensure children receive the proper information pertaining to violence on girls, it is crucial for it to be law.
Politicians play a major role in the mission to provide equality for women and girls. They have the power to initiate bills, change laws, and shed light on women issues. There should be an equal number of both genders representing lawmakers. The United States Constitution protects women’s right to vote and to hold office. It is the duty of each American
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