Gender Representation Of The United States

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Nowadays, one does not tend to get suprised when they see a lesbian or gay couples walking down the street holding hands. In fact, I personally have seen so many couples of various genders combonations out in public together. Some may not be fond of this trend, so they tend to genderize individuals and it makes me think. Why do people judge other based off of their appearance? Are they not aware of gender binary? What influenced their judgement? All of these questions lead up to the idea of the issue of genderizing in the United States. There are many judged couples, and also some individuals. Although many may unintentionally only see two genders, they need to be aware of what gender binary really is. There is clearly more than meets the…show more content…
So what is a binary? A binary, or dichotomy is basically two things that are in contrast of one another. According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, a binary is defined as, “something made of or based on two things or parts.” Right from birth, one is genderized as female of male, and then boys or girls. Many need to question the limits of binaries in our culture and resist the urge to impose ones categories to influence others. One needs to visualize the results of this because it closes minds of others to believe that there are more than two dominant genders.
Thinking back to the days of my youth, many of us are brought back to the nostalgic commercials of girls playing with Barbies, and boys playing with G.I. Joes. These are just two basic examples. Since before 1997, commercials have been molding our youth to try to portray the idea of having the “perfect image” for boys and girls.“Kline’s research in Canada showed that the themes of television advertisements for toys supported traditional gender expectations in terms of types of toys with a focus on battles, action, and domination for boys, and nurturing, glamour, and domesticity for girls,” (Auster, Carol). I feel like producers of such products should broaden their gendered horizons and produce toys and entertainment that will not offend individuals. The article goes on to state how there is no location on the site that is sectioned
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