Gender, Ritual And Reality By Marla N. Powers

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We have always learned about the history and it always has to do with men. The role they had and what they contribute to the society. However, this is not only a man’s world but also a woman’s. Women’s contributions are equally important for the development of the society. Similarly, in the book assigned Oglala Women Myth, Ritual and Reality by Marla N. Powers, demonstrates the life of women from a Lakota tribe and what their gender role contributes to the tribe and to their families and religions. Furthermore, Power tries to educate her reader about the gender and diversity of world 's religion through her book.
The most interesting chapter from Powers’ book was the “Old Age”, chapter 6. In this chapter, she describes the roles of a grandmother and of a medicine women and how they are important part of Lakota culture. I would extend my knowledge on this chapter and focus on the particular roles Lakota’s women had to accomplish and what was expected of them. I consider grandmothers and medicine women to be vital for the Lakota culture and their traditions. In how they are viewed and respected for their wisdom and power. In addition, I would also focus on the online reading on the soul of the Indian, including further research to state my point. Comparing the readings and how they are related to the Oglala Women book. Including my critical response in how my own religion and culture is similar to the Oglala culture.
In the Lakota culture, respect toward the elders is an

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