Gender Roles : American Society

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Maria Sanchez
Thomas Thrasher
English 100
December 1, 2014
Gender Roles in American Society Society expects men to be brave and strong. They are expected to be in charge of their families by making the most important decisions and supporting them financially meanwhile, women are dependent and cannot achieve much by themselves. One can go back to after 8000 BC and see that men hunted animals meanwhile women stayed at home to care for their children and gather fruits and plants (Reilly). All of the early imposed leadership expectations have been a part of what has shaped the gender expectations in the present society. Even though men and women are capable of performing the same tasks, traditional gender roles keep both genders away from gaining social equality. One can see a difference when both genders are compared in education, employment, child care, domestic duties, and marriage. Although women have made many advances leading up to the amount of equality present in the 21st century, men still manage to have more rights and do not have to fight for equality. A prominent time in history where people were trying to transition away from traditional gender roles was in 1920. At that point in history, “millions of American women exercised their right to vote for the first time”. The Women 's Suffrage Movement began 100 years before this, in 1820, when women decided that they wanted to be able to fulfill their rights as an American, just as men could (History). Along with…
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