Gender Roles Among Children And Adults

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Title: Gender roles amongst children and adults
According to the global times in China, “Experts say children are able to read gender cues and start adopting "gender appropriate" behaviors from the age of two or three”. As a child, we are often told how to act, what to like, and how to dress. Through time, we start to figure out who we are. The history on gender roles go as far back as the ancient times. They helped shape the way we compare today’s time versus the older times. Although the roles have positively changed there are still gender issues that rise throughout different areas of the world like Asia. The changes happened because of cases like in China wear it is frowned upon for a child to like anything other than what is considered ‘norm’ for their gender, and the parents are very strict about having their kids stick to their gender, also because of the way gender was constructed in ancient times in the middle east which was researched by multiple historians, or about the general idea made about each gender and what it means, and lastly, male gender roles, which are slightly overlooked, but have been occurring which is specific to the thoughts of men, and their attitude toward female roles. All coming together to explore the roots and development of gender roles. From a young age, children start adapting to their surroundings. They start mimicking those around them and start conforming to the way each gender behaves. As they get older each child starts to get…
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