Gender Roles And Food Production Expectations

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Gender roles and food production expectations have been established for decades, within families. Although, the gender roles have been slowly changing these past few years, we will be analyzing how gender roles and food production are being executed in a regular household in the following analysis. Sunday, is usually the day in which all my family assembles to eat our food together. This past Sunday, a few of our cousins decided to join us, which was even better. The day finally came when I woke up to the overwhelming smell of barbecued chicken. My mother screamed at me to wake up and to help her set the table with the utensils and napkins. As I obeyed her, I looked over to the kitchen that was filled with different condiments and…show more content…
Hunting was anticipated as dangerous; therefore, it makes sense that men who hunted for animals and ate the meat maintained a sense of masculinity and bravery. Besides the correlation between meat and hunting, meat also contains plenty of proteins. Proteins is known to help a person’s muscle growth increase. I never actually payed attention but, my dad loves meat, chicken, and various other carnivorous meats. I was very curious and decided to ask him why he would always eat a sizable amount of meat. He answered by saying “Well, that’s easy not only is it delicious, it has many good nutrients that help your body to be strong,” I was just a bit surprised to hear that response simply because although my dad was probably unaware of it, he was trying to conform into the typical gender norm of the father, whom by societies’ standards have to be buff and brawny to fit the role as the brave and masculine father, who is the head of the household. At the beginning of the dinner, it appeared as if everyone was starving, we sat in silence for a few minutes while we were enjoying our meals and savoring every bit of it. My mom ended up breaking the silence, by asking, “How does the food taste?” My dad answered right away admitting it was delicious. My mom jokingly uttered she knew it was delicious. Despite the fact she suggested it as a joke, I knew my mother identified herself as a cook that knew her recipes, because she has been a cook for numerous
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