Gender Roles And Gender Equality Essay

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This paper will discuss gender roles and gender equality in today’s society in comparison to the society of the first, second, and third waves of feminism. Present-day society should be growing in order to be conscious of individuals who voice themselves as male, bisexual, transgender, female, queer, intersex, lesbian, other, the list is unlimited. However, society is unfortunately stuck in a black and white world and does not want to change; this essentially makes it difficult for those who are deemed as unacceptable because they do not conform the “black and white, female/male” world. Problems regarding gender do not just stop at roles; society also has a setback with gender equality. Unfortunately, this predicament started in the first wave of feminism (19th century) and still occurs in the real world as well as the virtual world through commercials, magazines, and social media, etc.
To be particular, major magazine companies such as Cosmopolitan represent stereotypes of the roles women should be representing. Cosmopolitan is navigated towards the female audience while a Men’s Health magazine is directed towards male readers. By simply having each company geared towards one gender shows the gender roles society wants us to coincide with; both of these magazine corporations express the roles of each gender. The covers of Cosmopolitan magazine articles frequently use the words: sex life, diet, and weight loss, which are usually the largest words on the cover. The magazine…

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