Gender Roles And Gender Identity

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Sex, Gender- Gender Roles and Gender Identity Sex, gender- gender roles and gender identity, are words that one might assume to mean the same but in reality they don’t. It is an incorrect assumption and everyone should understand the difference. They each have their own distinct meaning, for a reason and purpose. The definitions are concrete and make sense once a person hears and applies them.
The difference between sex and gender is fairly simple. Sex defines if a person is biologically a male or female by their biological differences. It is something that is determined when your born and no one has any control over the situation. You are the sex you are born as.
Gender is more difficult to sum up into one sentence. It can be the traits that society has determined to be masculine or feminine, the gender role. Each society and culture determines what the norm of the gender role is. Their definition of masculine behavior and feminism behavior is the gender role of their society. What one society/culture beliefs is feminism behavioral, another society/culture might consider to be masculine behavioral.
Gender role
Gender role relates to my personal life is several ways. To begin with I am a birth mother. To be a birth mother your sex has to be that of a female. The gender role of being a birth mother is to be one of a loving, nurturing, caring mother. The mother is expected to raise a child providing the child with food, takin the child to school, taking the child…
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