Gender Roles And Gender Role

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Gender roles
Gender is set of characteristics that may be used to differentiate between female and male through the use of one’s gender or through gender identity therefore.
Gender role can be considered as the hypothetical construct in humanities and in many social sciences referring to a set of behavioral and social norms which in a particular culture may be largely regarded to be socially appropriate for individuals of a particular sex, gender roles vary from various societies. For instant among many societies both male and female have various specific duties like in the case of Maasai community in Kenya it’s the role of the woman to build a house this is unlike many communities such as luos where it’s the duty of a man to build a house for the family. Gender role may be depicted in politics, religion, and culture. In politics gender role has been evidenced in the perception people have while choosing leaders, there have been some leadership position mainly for particular sexes. This is cleared observed through representation in some roles in various countries such as America and German.
Gender roles in politics
Based on the past statistics gender there have been female inequalities in the political involvement causing huge gender gap in political participation. Women have been in lack of the political resources like the political information and political interest. This has been due to some process such as gender…

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