Gender Roles And Gender Stereotypes

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Running head: Gender roles and gender stereotypes 1 Gender roles and gender stereotypes 8 Gender Roles and Gender Stereotypes Bitavina Shanmugalingam Ryerson University The word “gender” refers to the roles in which society allots for those using “sex”, individuals’ physical characteristics, as a defining principle for separating roles (Gender, n.d.). The roles in which genders are assigned can come with discrimination, due to the individuals’ sex, as well as stereotypes, such as the defined traditional jobs for each sex (Sex, n.d.). Imagine being a female and subjected to gender role discrimination and stereotypical judgements regularly. Women have been attaining well positions in various industries, however, very few…show more content…
Deeply rooted within cultures across the globe, masculinity is associated with strength, dominance, emotionally controlled and the breadwinners for the family, whereas women are viewed as the more vulnerable sex associated with characteristics of nurture, care and subordination. Gender roles are created, reinforced, maintained and normalized through the exposure of outlets such as education, family, etc. Continuous exposure of these factors overtime creates a societal ordered role rather than a self-constructed role. Despite women making presence in the workforce since decades ago there are still factors that make women appear to be less intelligent than men. One factor is the physical appearance of a woman, per Kiprotich and Chang’orok (2015) examples of women whom are considered to be ‘unintelligent’ are those women with blonde hair as they cannot complete given tasks and are more interested in having sexual relations with higher authorities to get promotions (p. 3). Stereotyping women often leads to a form of discrimination, such as decreased amount of promotions, decreased pay, and the possibility of increased sexual harassments (Kiprotich & Chang’orok, 2015, p.3). When analyzing this issue in the structural functionalist perspective, gender roles arise from the need to establish a division of work so the dynamics of a family

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