Gender Roles And Gender Stereotypes

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Defined Gender Roles Creating a Lack of Reality in Children’s Literature
Distinction is a concept that is learned at a very young age. It is used as a tool to distinguish between race, religion, language, age and especially gender. Where certain topics regarding race and religion may be considered more taboo, the definition of gender is always open for discussion but it is not always depicted in all forms of the word. Children can feel isolated if they cannot relate to individuals they look up to whether they are shown in the media or in real life. “…literature is a home for gender stereotypes. These narratives have been instrumental in promoting and spreading a gender bias ideology” (Ruterana 86). Specific gender roles can make children feel confused or unwelcomed if they do not identify with their predesignated roles. Using Matilda by Roald Dahl as an example of the separation of genders into limited categories, shows how a child’s perception can be altered by stories at such a young age. The stereotypical gender distinctions used traditionally in stories allows for understanding, however a lack of reality can alter the view one has on the ever changing relationship that distinguishes genders in real world society. In the simplest of fashions, gender is a division of traits between masculinity and femininity. In literature, there tends to be a trend of limiting the space for movement between the two categories; therefore, predictable and safe characters are created that…

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