Gender Roles And Issues Regarding Feminisms And Masculinity

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Gender in Popular Culture Gender is very crucial element in the American popular culture. What comes in mind when we talk about gender in the American popular culture so many questions go through the mind. The questions will go back to the gender roles and issues concerning feminisms and masculinity. One may question any advantage of being a male to a female because this is where stereotypes are arising especially in the American popular culture. Many scholars have written on gender and culture; most of the highlighted discussions are based on gender and culture during the post war to 1970 and then to present. In gender and culture as topic also brings to light how women and men are represented. Above all the major thing that is argued in the report is role of gender. There are effects of popular culture on the people on gender as exposed in intimidation and stereotypes in the American culture, which this research paper will look into in length. According to storey John on gender and popular culture, the book is about the social media, sex makeover shows, stereotypes, online dating and also films in general. It talks about the Arab women in the popular culture and how they went through hardships to break through despite the culture and also the legal barriers. In short what the writer tried to put across is the issues of gender and the popular culture. From the article written by Kate Milistone, Culture and Gender, it highlights the way in which gender representations are
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