Gender Roles And Its Impact On Society

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Gender role ideals are deeply implanted in our personas and the consequences of not adhering to them becomes clear early on, however, many are not aware of the profound negative impact that gender ideals and the pressures accompanied with them can have on individuals. The shaping of gender roles begin at the start of everyone’s lives and continue to form and impact individuals throughout the entirety of it. Not only are parents, and other important authoritative figures responsible for the forming of gender identity but the media also has a profound impact. But why do we understand gender stereotypes the way we do? Why do we continue to perpetuate an ideology that has such a damaging effect? The continuation and reinforcement of gender stereotypes negatively impacts both men and women. Women are objectified and undervalued in the media and men are encouraged to be emotionally stunted, further leading to heightened level of depression. Many believe that gender roles are of a biological nature, something that cannot be escaped. This is drawn from a primitive ideology, the hunter-gatherer mentality. Of course, there is notable biological differences between males and females but are these subtle differences responsible for the variation of behavior between sexes? The hormonal differentiation between sexes can be somewhat influential in terms of behavior such as different levels of estrogen and testosterone. As well as these different hormonal levels, the male and female brain
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