Gender Roles And Its Impact On Society

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Throughout the course of history, gender roles have been strictly defined and have been prominent in many individual societies. Gender can affect every aspect of our life, ranging from simple ideals such as the way we dress, and social interactions with one another, as opposed to more complex ones such as how we view each other in the workplace, and how rules and restrictions are implemented in accordance to gender and gender roles in society. Gender roles are necessary in society in order to keep society functioning properly and in an organized matter. Gender roles also establish and distinguish distinct responsibilities that each gender has, not adjoining both genders into a single responsibility. In addition, they establish our identity, and are integral parts of daily human life. While one may argue that gender roles have resulted in many stereotypical viewpoints concerning each gender, they are indeed necessary in defining and distinguishing between the two genders; women and men have different abilities, and the majority of society has recognized and established this idea, while others may still be trying to fathom this idea. Most people, however, think of women as the weaker and less prominent gender of the two, which is a stereotype can arise as a result of gender roles in society. Even in an effective satire such as The Handmaid’s Tale, gender roles are strictly defined within each individual character, although the viewpoints that different characters have may…
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