Gender Roles And Misogyny On Societal Pressures

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He personifies the pressure put on the woman that she owes her date, the concept that he’s paid for the evening, now it’s her turn to pay for the night. “But compliance and consent are different things. Killgrave spends much of his time looking away from the difference”. (___) Killgrave even goes as far as blaming his upbringing for the reason he is the way he is. “How was I supposed to know? Huh? I never know if someone is doing what they want or what I tell them to,” Kilgrave defends himself in “AKA WWJD”. “You have no idea. I have to painstakingly choose every word I say. I once told a man to go screw himself. Can you even imagine? I didn’t have this. A home, loving parents, a family.” This furthers the point of men blaming their own individual concepts of gender roles and misogyny on societal pressures.
Not as dark, but still just as real, would be the sexism that Jessica’s adoptive sister, Trish Walker, deals within her own sordid relationships in the series. Just like Jessica, Trish is battling against her femininity within society. She was a child star names Patsy, a persona she has tried to shed since. Patsy is the little sweetheart everyone loves, but behind closed doors Trish was being abused by her mother. Throughout the show, Trish is constantly running into fans of her child stardom. She has since then become a talk show host and in secret, a skilled Krav Maga fighter. Her fight for her identity in the world would closely resemble most women’s struggle into
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