Gender Roles And Relations Between Women And Women

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Today we live in times of rapid change. Of course change and the relationship between men and women in all spheres of society. Gender equality an important trend in all around the world in recent years. This question runs through all the problems of the present and is important in the life of each of us. Under the new views on the development of social equality of men and women determined international organizations a key element of human development, as women and men are inseparably linked with each other and society through family ties, relationships, roles and responsibilities. Gender roles and relations created by society, is constantly changing. This is noticeable from generation to generation. Changed politics and economic relations- changing gender roles. At the societal level the declared rights and opportunities and today the women as social communities don 't have access to different social status, resources, privileges, prestige and power. Today the aim is to identify the most common gender stereotypes used in advertising, and determine their impact on the integration of the individuals in society. Current priorities in the education of boys and girls are not hard to consolidate standards of masculinity and femininity, but is to explore potential partnerships between boys and girls. Author of “Becoming Members of Society,” Aaron Devor say, “We acquire gender roles so early in life and so thoroughly that it’s hard to see them as the result of
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