Gender Roles And Responsibilities In The Workplace

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Introduction At some point in a person’s career, they may find themselves asking themselves multiple questions, relating to their past and present careers. Most people in the working force have asked themselves at least once, why do I stay here, why do I do all the work, while everyone else is surfing the web, or what they please. These questions are not only asked by employees; employers as well can identify those who are there specifically to do the minimum amount required and to receive a paycheck. Then there are the other workers, who are in early, leave late, and may even work from home all to ensure their job is complete and on time, these types of people remain dedicated to the company and have a sense of pride that speaks volumes…show more content…
These tools are over used in business and this removes the personal connection between leadership and the workers. In order to meet the demands of our customers and workers, we as leaders need to be able to identify with them and interact in a personal way and come out from behind our computer screens. The hustle and bustle of society today are negatively affecting productivity in the workplace, according to T+D (2007) 57 percent of executives, and 63 percent of the employees agree when workers are friends after work productivity on the job will increase. Furthermore, interacting with workers; employers may learn some are not content in their current position, or do not feel challenged and this is causing their performance to suffer. Due to the frustrations, stress levels, and demands workers deal with daily at work, they just want to punch the clock at the end of their shift and go home. When workers do not spend, a few minutes a day to laugh at something they did or what someone else did, or even create a silly face towards another coworker to cheer someone up; they will lose their personal commitment and will not continue to grow as a person or remain a conductive employee. To increase productivity, management needs to provide times for the workers to relax and enjoy the…show more content…
Step one may serve a better purpose for employees who have been with the organization for a long period of time and are not performing at their best as seen in the past. Otherwise, management should be able to depict during the hiring process if the potential employee fits the job they are interviewing for. Additionally, creating a connection with the employees early is critical for an organization to be successful. Over the years, workers have seen numerous directives regarding policy changes, all for the better of the people and to eliminate any fear a worker may have so they can remain focused on doing their job. The potent forces Howell describes are negative in nature, like racial slurs, sexual advancement and harassment in the workplace. Now, we all know laughter is healthy, and therefore, having time built in to allow workers to enjoy some fun time or if, some required training can occur in a fun way, then management will identify the employee’s commitment level while production levels rise. Moreover, those managers who connect early with their workers and truly know their potential is able to challenge them with some of the difficult tasks, others are not able to accomplish. Furthermore, management needs to remember to recognize their workers. By extending simple
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