Gender Roles And Roles Of Women

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War films like 300 (2006) maintain and amplify the stereotypical roles of males and females, where males are portrayed as the ones who have to serve as defender of all. The film industry mainly classified the conventional gender roles of society into their movies; majority of films have supported some of the male and female stereotypes. In the history of the film industry, the role of men is primarily the stereotypical working class man or hero, while the roles of women are primarily portrayed as being somewhat inferior to men. In the 1930s through the 1970s, men held the leading roles in films while women played smaller roles. In terms of jobs, women were given mostly family roles and rarely were shown outside of their homes, while men had successful careers and did many activities outside of home. As women were given a more active role in society, the gender roles in movies changed. However, many types of gender stereotypes in films still exist. Men are typically portrayed to be the hero, while women are often portrayed as sexual objects. In the movie 300 and according to "8 Reasons It Wasn 't Easy Being Spartan.", the Spartan men served and protected the city of Sparta, while the Spartan women did domestic chores and were just to be there to breed more strong warriors. “Long-term effects also involve learning processes. From infancy, humans learn how to perceive, interpret, judge, and respond to events in the physical and social environment.” (Anderson & Bushman) The

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