Gender Roles And Stereotypes Of Women

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During the time of How I Met Your Mother’s reign on television, the comical personalities of the characters help draw in more viewers, mostly males, in an adventure of male dominancy. Women’s wisdom and talent goes unappreciated and unnoticeable as the series progresses. Women are portrayed as either the sidekicks of the male characters or an instrument in which men use to fill their sexual needs. The women in the show are often dependent on the man’s advice and supposedly sound reasoning. The message from the show symbolizes that in a society without men, women would be emotionally deprived and crazed, but with men they can develop a self-actualization that is not achievable alone. There are many broader media images that also support…show more content…
For example the character Lily although married to Marshall, which is supposed to be a relationship built on equality, she is nothing but a sidekick who is irresponsible and an airhead when she spends more money than she has. Based on Marshall’s point of view, this is what causes their terrible credit ranking. It shows that compared to men women are not responsible with money and would prefer to buy needless items without a budget. Female character Lily, left to San Francisco because it was a dream of hers. Once she analyzed her actions she notices it was wrong for her to have goals without including her husban. She then begins to feel guilty and begins to understand what it takes to be a wife. The event expresses the message that the proper place for a woman in this modern time is no other than next to a man. How I Met Your Mother gives off the assumption that all women are emotionally unstable, mostly when they are in a relationship. An example within the show is the character Ted when he goes on a variety of dates. One of his dates ends up burning his house on fire. Another time he gets attacked. They are examples that are portrayed through media to show that women are crazy. The comments that viewers have had on the show displays that only simple roles are appropriate for women on this show, and that those roles are what produces most of the comedy on the show. Television shows such as Bridezillas tells
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